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Canal Du Midi Bicycle Route Map / Itinéraire Parcours velo / Fahrradkarte / Fietskaart / Cykel Kort / Sykkel Kartet / Polkupyörä Kartta / Mapa de la Bicicleta / Mappa Biciclette:

Beziers - Portiragnes


This part of the Canal Du Midi bicyle path is paved.


Bicycle Route Description


Starting in Port Neuf of Beziers, continue along north bank of the Canal Du Midi.


At Canal Gym, cross over to the south bank of the Canal Du Midi using bike/pedestrian bridge next to car bridge, heading towards Stade Sauclieres.  If you miss this bridge, you can also take the next bridge a few hundred meters farther down stream.  Stay on the south bank of the Canal Du Midi all the way to Agde.



Historical Information


Ecluse d’Arièges, single lock.  Km 212.508  Height 2.16 m.


Ecluse de Villeneuve, single lock.  Km 213.852  Height 2.05 m.


Ecluse de Portiragnes, single lock.  Km 218.318  Height 2.23 m.






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