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Canal Du Midi Bicycle Route Map / Itinéraire Parcours velo / Fahrradkarte / Fietskaart / Cykel Kort / Sykkel Kartet / Polkupyörä Kartta / Mapa de la Bicicleta / Mappa Biciclette:

Homps - Roubia


The bicycle path along the Canal Du Midi is unpaved from Homps to Roubia.  However, there is a paved road (D124, see map above) running right along the south bank of the Canal Du Midi with little traffic that you can take as well, from Ecluse d'Ognon to Argens-Minervois.


Bicycle Route Description


Leaving Homps, continue cycling on the same side as yesterday, namely the south bank of the Canal Du Midi.


Historical Information


Ecluse de Homps, single lock.  Km 146.747  Height 3.14 m.


Ecluse de l’Ognon, double lock.  Km 147.435  Height 5.81 m.


Aqueduct de l’Ognon.


Porte de Garde d’Ognon, 1684.  Km 147.5  The Ognon creek was diverted to make passage underneath the Canal Du Midi easier, using the aqueduct a few meters upstream.  The creek’s original trace, however, comes out at this Porte de Garde.  During heavy rains the Ognon’s waters tend to follow its original path.  This in turn would cause the Canal Du Midi to overflow in certain places, and so cause damage to its dikes farther downstream.  Thus this guard house was build, including a simple lock.  During heavy rains, this lock can be closed and excess water will flow out of the bassin into the Ognon’s river again.


Ecluse de Pechlaurier, double lock.  Km 150.161  Height 4.63 m.


Château d’Argens-Minervois, recently purchased by a Norwegian person.  Now turned into a gite (vacation rental property).


Ecluse de Argens, single lock.  Km 152.646  Height 2.41 m.  The busiest lock on the Canal Du Midi, due to its central location (source).  The next lock downstream from here is 54 KM away in Beziers.  The part of the canal is called the Grand Bief.


Roubia bridge, constructed in 1690.


In 1858, the canal became the property of the State and in 1898 a service of post and merchant boats was set up. The Argens-le Somail stage, with a length of 14.8 km required 8 relays and 24 horses. Each relay station was placed under the authority of a stable manager on site. The positions were recruited from among the agricultural laborers. This allowed local craftsmen to supply and repair all the equipment needed for hauling, ropes, harnessing of horses, shoeing. (source)



Things to see and do around this part of the Canal Du Midi on your bike tour


At the Ecluse de Pechlaurier you can take a nice hike up the cliff to take some nice photos.  If you head north a bit towards the Mourrel Ferrat hill (see map above) you can visit the remains of an old Oppidum, or Celtic settlement.  Not much remains though.  See more info and images here in English:




Olonzac has a market every tuesday from 7AM to 1PM.




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