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Canal Du Midi Bike Route Map / carte Itineraire Velo:

Les Rigoles / Revel / Lac St Ferreol


Distance: 68 Km.  Bike path along the creek is in very good condition.  Unpaved.  Must join road between St Ferreol and Les Cammazes.  Traffic is low on this road.  The steepest parts are between Revel and Lac St Ferreol and between Lac St Ferreol and Les Cammazes.  All other parts are relatively flat.


Bicycle Route Description


0,0 Km  Starting at the Ecluse de l'Ocean, follow towpath along the Canal Du Midi on the NORTH bank going upstream.

0,260 Km After the first house, you can either continue straight and follow the path between the tall trees called the Allee Des Platanes (as shown on the map above) or turn left or turn right.  Turning right will take you to the Partage des Eaux, which is where the water from the black mountains joins the Canal Du Midi.  For this site, we assume you will go straight.

0,550 Km Turn right to cross creek.  After creek turn left to follow unpaved path along the creek going upstream.  This is the Rigole de la Plaine, which supplies the water from the Black Mountains to the Canal Du Midi.  See picture 1 below.


seuil de naurouze bike path directions map

Picture 1. Follow unpaved path along creek.


2,2 Km  Cross the D6113 and rejoin bike path along the creek.  Use caution to cross this dangerous road!

20,3 Km  At the Lenclas Lake, follow the path along the south side of the lake which will take you past a nice restaurant (website).  Right after this restaurant you will cross the D67 using extreme caution!!!

23,1 Km  After having crossed the D67 with extreme caution, continue along the same side of the creek for another kilometer or so, and use the first available bridge to cross to the creek to the other bank.  If you miss the first bridge, you can always take the second bridge to cross the creek.  Stay on this side of the creek (the north side) all the way to Revel.

27,1 Km Cross the D624 highway with caution.  This is probably the most dangerous crossing.  Be careful.

34,2 Km Arrival in Revel.  Cross old bridge over creek towards Lac de St Ferreol / Parcours cyclable de la Rigole de la Plaine.  This street is called the  Chemin des Lavandières but there is no street sign.  See picture 2.


bikepath revel lac st ferreol

Picture 2.  In Revel, cross old bridge over creek.   Chemin des Lavandières.


34,7 Km.  Keep following bike signs to Lac St Ferreol.  The climbing begins now, at the Chemin de St. Roch.  See picture 3.


revel bike path route

Picture 3.  The climbing begins now.


35,7 Km  At end of bike path turn left, following the small green and white bike sign.  There is a panel here describing what you can see in the distance.

36,1 Km  Turn right onto Chemin de Cales, following the bike signs.

36,4 Km  At the big lake (Lac St Ferreol), turn left direction Revel.

36,9 Km  At the very small roundabout, take the first exit towards Les Cammazes (road number D629).  Follow this road D629 all the way to the village of Les Cammazes.

44,3 Km  At the sign Voute de Vauban, turn left onto the Chemin de la Rigole.  If you miss this road, you can also turn left on the next street called Chemin d'en Bosc.  Follow creek along the left side (the creek should be on your right hand side) upstream.

51,2 Km  Switch to other side of creek.

55,5 Km  At the intersection with the D4 road, turn right and cross bridge.  After the first bridge turn RIGHT again.  See picture 4.


turn right again

Picture 4.  Turn right after the first bridge.


57,6 Km Cross the D4 again.  Stay on same side of creek.

64,8 Km  Cross small paved road, the D408.  Stay on same side of creek.

67,9 Km  End of bike path at Prise d'Eau sign.  Restaurant located here ( ).  B&B nearby is (Reserve rooms in advance).




Historical Information


Boats used to be able to travel the Rigoles creek from the Canal Du Midi to Revel, but the locks were taken down.




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