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Canal Du Midi Bicycle Route Map / Itinéraire Parcours velo / Fahrradkarte / Fietskaart / Cykel Kort / Sykkel Kartet / Polkupyörä Kartta / Mapa de la Bicicleta / Mappa Biciclette:

Montesquieu Lauragais - Renneville


Bicycle Route Description


This part of the bicycle route is paved.  Follow bike path on north side of Canal Du Midi.


Historical Information


Ecluse de Laval, double lock.  Km 37.525  Height: 5.48 m.


Ecluse de Gardouch 1673, single lock.  Km 38.953  Height: 2.12 m.  Location of a small port serving the village of Gardouch.  Bar/Restaurant located at the lock (l’estanquet).

Gardouch was located on the Roman Road from Narbonne to Toulouse.  In the 1960's the Canal Du Midi was still being used to ship items to and from its port (20 boats per day).


Pont de Gardouch, bridge constructed from small red bricks.  Km 39


Aquaduc de l’Hers / Aquaduc des Voûtes.  1688.  Km 41.  Allows the Canal Du Midi to cross a small creek called the Hers.  Also allows excess water in the Canal Du Midi to flow into this creek.  This was a favorite swimming hole for the locals in the mid 1900’s (a small metal ladder and remains of a tavern date from this time).  Build by Vauban.


Ecluse de Renneville, 1673, single lock.  Km 43.05  Height 2.44 m.  Renneville is a small village with about 500 inhabitants.  It has a beautiful old church called L’eglise Saint-Jacques.  The village is worth a short visit.


Things to see and do around this part of the Canal Du Midi on your bike tour


Markets along the Canal Du Midi


Gardouch has a very small market every wednesday from 4PM to 8PM.  The market is so small in fact, that it might not even be there anymore!


Villefranche-de-Lauragais: every friday morning from 8AM to 1PM, close to Les Halles.




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