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Canal Du Midi Bicycle Route Map / Itinéraire Parcours velo / Fahrradkarte / Fietskaart / Cykel Kort / Sykkel Kartet / Polkupyörä Kartta / Mapa de la Bicicleta / Mappa Biciclette:

Seuil de Naurouze - Castelnaudary


This part of the bike path along the Canal Du Midi is unpaved up to a few kilometers from Castelnaudary.  The bicycle trail changes from dirt to paved at the Ecluse de la Planque, which is about 3 kilometers west of Castelnaudary.


Bicycle Route Description


Continue on the bicycle path located on the south side of the Canal Du Midi.


Historical Information


Ecluse de la Mediterranee (also called Ecluse de Medecin), 1673, single lock.  Km 56.8  Height 2.58 m.


Ecluse du Roc, 1674, double lock.  Km 57.589  Height 5.58 m.  Named after a nearby farm.


Ecluse de Laurens, 1674, triple lock.  Km 58.86  Height 6.78 m.  The lockhouse here is the only one left in its original state.  It is abandoned now.  Named after a nearby farm.


Ecluse de La Domergue, 1674, single lock.  Km 59.998  Height 2.24 m.  Named after a nearby farm.  In 1847 the lock keeper’s house was moved from the north bank to the south bank.  The north bank proved to be too humid causing illness to its inhabitants.


Ecluse de La Planque, 1674, single lock.  Km 61.231  Height 2.63 m.  Named after a nearby farm.  Lock keeper’s house dates from 1672.  There used to be a mill here, but it got demolished.  The water intake and output for this mill are, however, still visible.  Bike path changes from dirt track to pavement.


Things to see and do around this part of the Canal Du Midi on your bike tour


Markets along the Canal Du Midi






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